Vehicle Fit-Out

After fitting VMS, arrow boards and beacons to vehicles for a decade, J1-LED expanded our vehicle fit-out service in 2015 to include a whole of vehicle service. Responding to client requests, we now offer a custom build from the chassis up for 4WDs, Utes and Trucks of all sizes and models. We can integrate our products into existing fleet vehicles, or equally incorporate your fleet products into our designs and systems. The choice is yours. 

Custom vehicle builds and complementary products include, but are not limited to: 

  • Storage cages
  • Variable Message Signs

  • Vehicle Activated Signs

  • Dual CCTV system with hard drive recording

  • UHF radio

  • 4 point harness

  • Air horns

  • Reversing cameras


truck Control panel 800x489 DSCN1911 800x600 DSCN2446 800x600

DSCN2419 600x800  Ute VMS  Arrow 800x600  DSCN2437 800x600

DSCN2438 600x800  Vehicle Fit Out  DSCN2441 600x800 DSCN2444 800x600

   20151208 140747 800x422   Truck control panel 2 800x600