J1-LED has a dedicated service team, offering servicing and technical support on all our LED products post installation. Our commitment is to deliver a complete product
from concept through to installation, inclusive of after-sale support and maintenance. J1-LED offer warranty guarantees on our ITS, portable and advertising products as
well as service and maintenance packages to complement the warranty period.  

Our products are built to last, but that doesn’t mean we let them get ‘old’ – firmware and software updates occur remotely to keep your investment at peak performance.

With a full-time service team and a fleet of custom fitted vehicles, we offer round-the-clock, on-site repair and servicing with minimal or no interruption to deployment.
Backed by a large fabrication workshop we can undertake mechanical, electrical, electronic and control system repairs and upgrades. We’re also happy to service, repair
or refurbish your non-J1 product to ensure a longer life and better integration of your fleet. 

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