Quality Management ISO 9001:2008

Quality Policy

J1-LED designs, manufactures and installs more than a dozen stock LED signage items as well as designing bespoke LED signage and intelligent transport systems for a range of clients and large-scale infrastructure projects. As an end-to-end provider, our diverse operations must be rigidly managed to meet expectations of the client, end users and the public, legislature and safety.

Our quality system, first established in 2010 and certified to ISO9001:2008 in 2012 has undergone significant adjustment as we expand our scope to incorporate design, manufacture, installation, testing, commissioning, servicing and sales activities.

We have developed of culture of quality and remain focussed on increasingly embedding quality benchmarks into the everyday aspects of our business. Our Quality Management solution seeks to maintain our market leading position with:

  • superior customer satisfaction,
  • High product functionality,
  • Market-leading technology and
  • On-time installation or delivery.

Quality Objectives which underpin our operational systems include:

  1. Provision of high quality, consistent product in keeping with relevant standards and customer expectations.
  2. Low risk business, capable of withstanding varied economic conditions.
  3. Retained corporate knowledge minimising reliance on individuals.
  4. Proactive data and reporting systems enabling informed management and strategic decision making.

J1-LED Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) provides LED sign systems and solutions for the ITS industry. J1-LED ITS has implemented a quality management system that covers the design and manufacturing operations of the company. Recently the scope was increased to include: design, manufacture, installation, testing, commissioning, servicing and sales activities.  The quality system is structured to reflect two key business processes:

  • product development and
  • project delivery