Portable Lighting Tower

Under our Australian distributorship, we are pleased to offer the Verdegro Star Trailer as a portable lighting solution. 

With a run time of 60 nights and using one-sixth of the fuel of traditional light towers, the diesel and solar hybrid Star Trailer provides 600W illumination with silent operation.
At 8m extened and 2.4m in transit the Star Trailer is also easily portable with a standard vehicle (862kg inc. fuel). 

 Importantly, the Verdegro Star Trailer is suitable for extreme Australian conditions with suitability for both extreme cold and heat tolerance. 

 A high degree of connectivity wtih GPS, geo fencing and 3G compatibilitiy make it easy to monitor the unit remotely as part of your fleet. 

Vedegro logo A leader in European traffic safety systems, Dutch-based Verdegro have a globally recognised product line with a focus on low environmental impact including economy of use. Well suited to Australian conditions, Verdegro products offer the same reliablity and innovation as J1-LED traffic products, complementing and completing our product range. 

 Veregro Star trailer   Star Trailer 2 Veregro Star trailer 2 Star Trailer 1