Portable Variable Speed Limit Sign (VSLS)

The VSLS unit, which is an industry first, is stand alone and operates from a solar power system with large ‘power redundancy’ to ensure the units never lose power. Additional options of wind-turbines have also proven useful in low sunlight regions such as the Westgate Freeway, where vehicle wind motion provides sufficient power.

They are considered ‘ground breaking’ technology and are responsible for significantly improving safety and productivity where they have been deployed.

The units incorporate numerous communication options, from local control, to 3G connection to Streams, or standalone RF or GPRS networks. The units also incorporate a wireless emergency override device that allows the speeds to be updated or the display blanked without having to exit the vehicle.

The streamlined design enables placement of the trailer body in hard to reach places or narrow “dead” or “NO GO” zones.


  • A significant reduction in safety hazard as the need to constantly change static speed signs in potentially dangerous conditions is eliminated.
  • Traffic Control Costs are significantly reduced while work productivity hours on the road are increased due to the significant reduction in Traffic Management Protocols. This alone can increase project productivity by up to four hours per day.
  • VSLS units employ logging technology allowing all speed changes to be fully recorded for enforcement cooperation with the authorities.

 Portable VSLSPortable VSLS

Portable VSLSPortable VSLS