Portable Traffic Lights (PTL)

J1-LED manufactures to a range of Australian Standards including AS2144 for signalling of traffic systems. We offer a comprehensive range of portable, trailer and vehicle mounted LED display systems and signage in a variety of pitch sizes and LED colours

  • Up to 4-way PTL traffic management systems available

  • Dual-trailer system enables the trailers to be towed as one unit by a stndard wagon or utility vehicle. Includes storage of tow coupling.

  • Motorised easy-lift winch for lanterns, ensuring easy and safe single person deployment

  • Solar-powered (140W panel) LED lantern technology delivers optimum energy and cost efficiency.

  • RF Radio Link High Gain Aerials to link units with channel hopping and channel isolation to eliminate crosstalk

  • LCD display to allow on site adjustment to traffic light timing cycles

  • Optional vehicle activated detector mode, for reducing queue times.

  • Complies to AS 4191-1994 Portable Traffic Signal System Standard

Portable Traffic LightsPortable Traffic Lights

 Portable Traffic LightsPortable Traffic Lights