Portable Variable Message Signs (VMS)

The J1-LED VMS trailer range is a 3rd generation, robust and field tested product with the capacity for design options that extend their use and deployment life. Rated to Wind Region C for extreme wind conditions, the J1-LED design does not require extra ballast or additional anchor points. Easily towed wtih a standard vehicle and designed for rapid, single person deployment our VMS trailers are sleek, light and strong. 

Available in 3 standard character sizes

A - 150mm

B -320mm

C - 400mm.

All units can display a minimum of 3 lines with 8 characters per line and are full matrix, available in single, bi, tri, quad or penta colour.

150402 Ray Burgess 1 deep etch 735x800 150402 Ray Burgess 15 deep etch colour LED 771x800