Portable LED Systems & Signs

J1-LED manufactures to a range of Australian Standards including AS1170, providing a comprehensive range of portable trailer mounted LED Display Systems and Signage in a variety of pitch sizes and LED colours.  They are cost effective, solar powered, reliable and easy to operate.

Importantly J1-LED portable products can be deployed in extreme wind conditions without the need for water ballast or additional anchor points, a unique feature designed in-house for Australian conditions.


  • Wireless remote control; Radar Speed Monitor
  • Local and remote Message Control & Selection
  • Pre-programmed and user-programmed messages available
  • LCD and keypad for message editing/control
  • Remote analysis for trouble shooting and user support
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS)
  • Portable Traffic Lights (PTL)
  • Portable Road Condition Information Signs (RCIS)
  • Portable Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS/LUMS)
  • Arrow Boards (AB), vehicle or trailer fitted

Products available: