School Zone Lanterns

Our longest serving school zone product, the School Zone Lantern is a static sign with fitted beacons / lanterns and has been deployed across mulitple states and local governments. The static sign is wholly customised to the local requirements and the beacons may be programmed for automatic or vechicle activation. The sign comes self contained with our solar power unit for quick installation. 

J1-LED developed, manufactured and deployed over 5000 special amber lanterns for the Roads and Maritime Services (NSW) school zone contract. These lanterns needed to meet stringent optical, electrical and physical requirements. Our products exceeded the engineering standards set by RMS and continue to be deployed across NSW as well as incorporating beacons into other products with a wig wag / beacon applications.

With more than 6000 School Zone Lanterns rolled out nationally, this is an effective, multi-use lantern.

 ScZ Lantern 1  ScZ Lantern 2

ScZ Lantern 3  20160926 122921 241x800  20160928 120505 294x800