Accurate and fast, the J1-LED multi-lane radar (“The Taipan”) is an integrated, non-intrusive package which may be easily deployed to meet a variety of safety,
traffic management and data collection needs. The kit is comprised of two key components:

1. Side-fire radar hardware which mounts to the side of the road, and

2. Site controller signal output with data streaming.

Our kit may be deployed to existing infrastructure, integrated with established traffic management systems or purchased as an additional feature of our
LED signage options.

Vehicle detection options include: 

-  Vehcile type and classification 

-  Occupancy 

-  Speed 

-  85th percentile, safe speed detection 

-  Headway or tailgating 

-  Incident detection 

-  Lane usage 

The signal is customised to the specific hazard or data collection purpose, however common applications include: 

-  Traffic direction for lane management 

-  Programmed variable message signs 

-  Boom-gate operation 

-  Traffic light management 

-  Travel time signs 

-  Hazard lights 

Taipan - transparent  Taipan


  Taipan - mounted townsville    Taipan - mounted

Taipan - image

Sample image from radar

Taipan - user interface 

User configurable interface