Ramp Control / Metering Signs (RMS)

J1-LED Ramp Control / Ramp Metering Signs are fully compliant with VicRoads TCS 003-5-2011 Specification. All 3 sign types contain an embedded Site Controller allowing for direct connection to Field Processors or modems.

RC1 and RC2 signs contain fixed display arrangements as required for Ramp Control. (RC1 is available in all 3 variants, including No Left Turn, No Right Turn, No Entry)

The RC3 Sign contains the latest technology Surface Mount LEDs to provide a 128 x 40 Quad Colour (Red, Yellow, Green, White) display in a 12mm Pitch making it ideal for other applications such as Passenger Information Displays or smaller Variable Message Sign. The RC3 Sign can display any combination of text or graphics within its 128x40 display area.