Variable Message Signs (VMS)

The next generation J1-LED Variable Message Signs (VMS) are currently in production after many months of development.  The first deployment is the M5 Freeway in Sydney.  Whilst the new signs are innovative in design they are true to J1’s high standard of manufacture and compliance with the relevant Australian Standards.  The signs can be installed and operated anywhere in Australia as they are built to withstand cyclonic conditions for deployment in wind region C.

The VMS allow traffic managers to display safety messages, emergencies and critical travel advice to motorists transiting public roadways. Practical design provides two mounting points on both top & bottom to allow easy installation to gantries. 

Text and graphics displays are both available, with multiple dynamic dimming levels for clear viewing day and night. From an environmental perspective these signs require less than 1700 watts to operate.  The next generation VMS are available now. 

Variable Message SignsVariable Message Signs Variable Message SignsVariable Message SignsVariable Message SignsVariable Message Signs