Intelligent Transport Systems

Since the introduction of the ITS division in J1-LED, our dedicated Engineering Design Team has created and delivered a significant contribution to the safety of Australia's highway and transportation systems. Working with the respective main roads authorities around Australia, J1-LED is a significant contributor to the development and testing of new technologies influencing regulatory standards that govern the manufacture and operation of intelligent transportation systems today. 

The J1-LED Intelligent Transport Systems division has:

  • capability to interface into a variety of traffic management systems, enabling instantaneous communication to display the current traffic conditions
  • remote update of firmware capability, high speed USB programming ports, serial ports, ethernet ports and a host of other features.
  • display colours ranging from single colour to five colour discrete and full colour RGB.
  • developed Pixel Checking Technology to improve the speed and accuracy of pixel errors, should they occur
  • a significant history contributing to the safety of our highways and transportation systems
  • generated ongoing development and delivery of ITS solutions to main roads authorities across Australia

Our high quality LEDs, circuit boards, and controlled manufacturing process, ensure continuous, highly visible Intelligent Transport Systems on our roads throughout Australia and beyond. Our extensive experience in, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and External Protocol Interfacing, means that we have the ability to interface to all types of management systems, allowing instantaneous communication and updates to the signs to reflect constantly changing traffic conditions, as well as a host of other real time diagnostic, and remote enquiry functions.

Our High bright LED displays, communicate clearly to passing traffic, and are very effective for directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow. The quality of our LED displays means that breakdowns are rare and maintenance is minimal. On the rare occasions where either damage or breakdowns may occur, our commitment to service and continuity means that we resolve problems without delay. For this reason we receive many repeat orders from our satisfied customers in this field. Warranty is generally a full 1-2 year option for our signs, with the option to select up to 5 years extended warranty.